Interclub Results - 2012/2013


Girls 14-12 S1 – finished near the bottom half of the table but made a big effort and played very well in a tough grade (5th from 6th)


  • Sylvie Mangan (C)
  • Lili Bena
  • Sophie Giltrap (pre-Xmas)
  • Kate Hutchenson
  • Lucia Giacon
  • Gabrielle Gandionco
  • Ruby Barker-Thomson

Girls 16-15 S2 – congratulations to this team who won their grade!


  • Eliza Clamor (C)
  • Zoe Lewis
  • Gaby Bena
  • Charlotte Wills
  • Lili Bena (R)
  • Michelle Morris (R)

Boys 13-12 S2 – finished in the top stream (3rd from 8th) – well done


  • Ben Gurney (C)
  • Flynn Mehlhopt
  • Filippo Binetti Pozzi
  • Nate Lewis
  • Max Sukhomlinov
  • James Mead (pre-Xmas)
  • Gabrielle Gandionco (pre-Xmas)
  • Lucia Giacon (pre-Xmas)


Caro Bowl Mens – The mens caro bowl team battled hard all season and finished a credible 7th out of 8 teams – gained a lot of experience to push on for next season.


  • Kevin Doh
  • Adam Staub
  • Victor Klintcharov
  • Aiden McDougall
  • Jay Barclay

Caro Bowl Womens – The ladies caro bowl team came 5th out of 8 teams which was a fantastic result with our predominantly young team 🙂


  • Tracey O’Connor
  • Mia Middleton
  • Marusa Pogncik
  • Sarah Wardenburg
  • Lauren Alter (R)
  • Paige Alter (R)
  • Deanne Alter (R)

Caro Bowl Reserve Mens – In a very tough and competitive competition the team finished near the bottom of the grade but the only way is up for next season!


  • Padgett Johnson
  • James Paulik
  • Jay Barclay
  • Jason Spicer
  • Hamish Duff
  • Howard Ho
  • Joshua Pereira

Open Women’s 1 – came out about halfway again in a tough field (5th from 11)


  • Kelsey Walton (C)
  • Rita Paczian
  • Rebecca Searle
  • Hannah Myers
  • Anna Vickerman
  • Steph Morison
  • Marusa Pogacnik
  • Jackie Blacklock (R)
  • Ursula Bena (R)

Open Men’s 2 – came in round the second half and keen to improve for next season (8th from 11)


  • Clayton Sceats (C)
  • Mark Everard
  • Jamie Hitchcock
  • Mark Beder
  • Mike Robinson
  • James More

Open Men’s 3 – delivered a very respectable result of 5th from 11. Well done boys!


  • Phil McSweeney (C)
  • Eric Yen
  • Willie Lyons
  • Ryan Sharma
  • William Thodey

Open Men’s 5 – were in the lower end of the grade, but played some fantastic tennis with a very small team (10th from 12)


  • Lawrence Herzog (CC)
  • Jumar Caumo (CC)
  • Guy Wright
  • Mitchell Wright
  • Igor Mata
  • David Gebbie
  • Bevan Fair

Presidents Open 5 mixed – we came bang in the middle of the grade (5th from 10) and enjoyed some terrific tennis and socialising too. We also took out the unofficial title of best-dressed Pompallier team.


  • Ursula Bena (C)
  • Jo Chadwick
  • Natalia Deva
  • Josie McNaught
  • Frank Olsson
  • Keith Morris
  • Richard Koreman
  • Gerald Kember
  • Lawrence Herzog (R)
  • Michael Keenan (R)
  • Julie Green (R)
  • Jackie Blacklock (R)
  • Helen Harrison (R)

A big thanks to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing you all (and some new faces) back for the start of the 2013/14 interclub season in September.